Corporatism: the illusion of ownership

Corporatism: the illusion of ownership

The matrix of our lives is made up of a series of lies presented to us as indisputable truths:

  • Kindergarten education teaches about different social systems: feudalism, communism or democracy – forgetting the “little thing” that there is always only one basic principle behind all of them:
  • Corporatism is a common system of united government, army and big business, and the originator of globalization (Novus ordo seclorum) was Pope Boniface VIII with his bull

“Unam Sanctam Ecclesiam”

Author: Periša Reljić

Corporatism: the illusion of ownership

The papal bull from 1302 was the ideological forerunner of “Agenda 21”, recently known as the UN (20) plan for (un) sustainable development. By his decree, Boniface VIII de facto laid claim to the whole country. In 1454, the Vatican claimed the right to all land on the planet with the bulls “Romanus Pontifex”. By the papal decree “Aeterni regis”, the Vatican claimed the right to all private property, and in 1537, with the bull “Convocation”, it took over the ownership of all human souls on earth.

“Agenda 21”, recently branded in the “(un) sustainable development plan 2030” of the United Nations, is the final act of the Novus ordo seclorum project. The ultimate goal of the UN Agenda is to have all the resources on the planet: arable land, water, mineral resources, animals, plants and “human resources”. Whether under the administration of the Vatican or the United Nations, full ownership by the system automatically excludes any form of genuine personal property.

“Kindergarten” education in the form we know the current school system teaches us about different social systems: feudalism, communism and democracy. The little thing that the school system of human programming forgets is that behind all social arrangements lies one and the same basic principle: corporatism.

Corporatism is a common system of government based on a close association of government, the military and big business. Today’s triad of corporatism on a global level consists of Washington as a military center, London as the heart of big capital and the Vatican in the role of the owner of our souls. The presence of Pope Francis at the UN session at which the “Agenda 2030” was promoted is not a surprise if the role of the Vatican in the very beginning of corporatism is known.

The centuries-long effort of the elite to put the whole world under its control has gone through phases of global conflicts, because nothing changes the world like a world war *. The fact that the countries marked as “axes of evil” of the alleged war on terrorism were exclusively those that did not have a central bank testifies to how subordinated everything is to globalization. The centralization of the state bank is a precondition for the introduction of the country into debt slavery, which brings it into a subordinate economic position that enables easy remote management from the London headquarters.

The war on terrorism, the spread of democracy and the “CIA Spring” served as an occasion for the occupation of Serbia, African and Asian countries. As a hit song of corporatism, NATO has placed most of the world’s resources under the control of the new order. Oil fields, gold and diamond mines are already owned by corporations, and key gas pipelines are currently being fought in Syria.

The takeover of arable land is the responsibility of the UN structure, which calls the plunder of private property “sustainable development”. By drastically raising taxes, inventing new taxes and manipulating weather conditions (HAARP), the possibility of producing food from private individuals is systematically destroyed. Total control of food and drinking water is key to implementing totalitarian corporatism – fugitives from the system cannot survive.

The matrix of our lives is made up of a series of lies, presented to us as indisputable truths. One of the most pernicious illusions of the modern world is the illusion of personal freedom and private property. Life in the corporate world consists of getting up at the time set by the corporation, going to corporate work, eating corporate food and “free time” spent with the corporate media.

The theory of private property falls into the water when we realize that instead of being owners – we are just tenants of our house, apartment, car and family. A proud slave who pays a racket to the state (taxes, fees) can live in “his” house and drive “his” car. The moment the corporate state stops paying taxes and fees – the illusion of “private property” disappears along with the seized property.

Family and children are just one in a series of “toys” by which the corporate system keeps slaves in a state of obedience. Even our children are not ours – but state property, which the corporate system can take away from us if necessary. The only difference between former slavery and the current “rule of democracy and human rights” is the stamp on the hand of a proud slave – which will now be electronic.

the best slaves are those who are not even aware of it

“Corporatism” by Jeffrey Grupp
“The Awakening” by Max Igan